A BMX track is to be created in Borehamwood's biggest park.

Hertsmere Borough Council's planning committee has passed plans for the track in Meadow Park which will be open to anyone, for free.

The track will cater for beginners and those who are a little more experienced on bikes.

Conservative councillor Glenn Briski, who sits on the committee, believes the track will help take youths off the streets.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Briski said: "Currently, local youths often see the streets as their BMX track. We have a terrible problem of them doing wheelies in the road.

"We do need safer places for them to take their bikes. We also have serious problems with crime so providing more facilities for youths is good for Borehamwood."

But his party colleague Cllr Sarah Hodgson-Jones voted against the scheme because although she said sports facilities should be "encouraged" she would like to see the park "preserved families with young children and elderly people", and feared the track could bring "unruly teens" to the park.

Labour councillor Jeremy Newmark described the track as an "excellent initiative" but called for the application to be deferred following recent events.

The meeting, held last Thursday, took place just hours after police were granted increased stop and search powers due to police intelligence about the threat of knife crime and antisocial behaviour in Borehamwood.

His colleague, Cllr Michelle Vince, spoke against the scheme as a community advocate.

Cllr Vince said Meadow Park was "not the correct site" for this type of scheme.

She said: "Youths are causing problems with bikes in Borehamwood. Riders will have to get to and from the track. This constitutes a danger to park users."

Cllr Vince believes Aberford Park would have been a more suitable location, near the skate park.

Within the plans, an additional CCTV camera will be put in providing coverage of the track and the nearby junior play area.

The scheme has been funded by the Leecliffe Big Partnership Local, an organisation with £1m to invest in the Cowley Hill and Brookmeadow area of Borehamwood.

It will be delivered in partnership with Hertsmere Borough Council.