A 23-year-old man believes his long-lost birth father could be in Borehamwood.

Jack Marsh was adopted when he was 7 months old but for the last couple of years, he has tried as much as he can to track down his birth father - who may not even know Jack exists.

Jack has grown up in Bexleyheath, South East London with his adoptive family after his birth mother Susan moved there when she fell pregnant.

His search for his birth father has so far drawn a blank and his last hopes rest on Borehamwood because his birth mother lived in the town for around three years before she made the move away.

These are the details Jack has about his birth father:

His name is Graham, he was born around 1960, and he worked as a car salesman.

He has two sisters and one brother. He was going through a divorce, having married aged 21. 

Graham played locally for a football team and was a fan of West Ham.

He met Jack’s birth mother in a pub and they were together for around six months before Jack’s birth mother left and moved to the Bexley area of London.

Graham gave Susan a teddy bear for Christmas 1994 which was then passed onto me as it was the only thing that could have been from ‘them both’ (picture listed in article).

Jack also believes he may have two half-brothers on his birth fathers side; Gary born around 1986 and James born around 1988.

Jack says: “It would mean everything to find my birth father - to have a blood connection with someone would mean the world. I love my adopted parents but I really want to find birth father and half siblings to build a relationship.

“My birth mother chose to not have contact with me which has left me with very limited information to continue this search however I’m determined and definitely want to pursue this further. A lot of this is guesswork that he may be in Borehamwood. He may have moved away but I have to try.”

If you think you can help Jack, you can email him at jackedwardmarsh@live.co.uk