Six people were stopped and searched last night and no weapons were found after police in Borehamwood were granted special powers.

Officers were granted a section 60 order which gave them the power to stop anyone in a certain area of Borehamwood without any reasonable reason to do so.

It was due to concerns and intelligence that a "small group of people" in the town were carrying knives.

Police say a large part of the operation centred on the Leeming Road area of the town.

Cowley Hill ward, Shenley Road, Theobald Street, and Elstree & Borehamwood station, and all of the streets within those borders all came under the order.

Police have confirmed six people were stopped and searched while the order was in place, leading to two arrests.

The order ran from 4pm yesterday to 2am - police say they are advised to warn communities that such an order is in place.

One of the town's chief police officers says last night's order is "not a one off" and operations into anti-social behaviour and the threat of knife crime will continue.

Hertsmere safer neighbourhood inspector Mark Bilsdon said: "These measures were taken in response to intelligence suggesting that a small number of people may have been carrying knives in certain parts of the town. This is by no means a large group of people and we have reason to believe they are known to one another.

"We are pleased with the results from last night and it was encouraging that no knives were found. However, our work does not stop here. We will have heightened police patrols in the area, both overt and covert, and will continue to work with our local partners to find long-term solutions to the issues.

"There are serious consequences if you choose to carry a knife. Not only will you face a possible custodial sentence and criminal record, which could affect your job prospects in later life, but you could cause yourself or another person serious injury or worse. While some people feel pressured to carry a knife, perhaps as protection or because their friends say it will earn them respect or make others fear them, the truth is that it simply puts you in more danger."

Police urge the public to report crime or antisocial behaviour.

You can do so by reporting online, calling 101, or calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.

  • A 44-year-old man from London was arrested on suspicion of possession of Class A drugs. He remains in custody at this time.
  • A 16-year-old boy from Borehamwood was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and a public order offence, in relation to incidents which reportedly occurred in Leeming Road earlier in the week. He remains in police custody at this time.

Additionally, an 18-year-old man was reported for possession of cannabis.