A family say they feel "mocked and angry" after a contractor was filmed waving at them from the window of a modular home.

Shoshana Kramer, whose property in Gateshead Road backs onto the Crown Road site in Borehamwood, was at home with her two very young children when she spotted workmen in one of the new temporary homes at the bottom of their garden.

The Kramer's have been calling for more privacy after a window on a home which overlooks their garden and home appeared last month, and they say they feel "mocked" by what happened earlier this morning.

Around 10 seconds into the clip, a man in a hi-vis jacket can be seen waving after he spots Mrs Kramer filming.

Grant Kramer said: "It is incredibly infuriating that the contractor was waving at my wife. I can't read into it anything other than goading.

"It feels like a live demonstration of what could happen and is proof people in these containers can see into our house. She had to draw the curtains and she shouldn't have to do that. This tells me it's worse than I thought.

"We feel upset, angry, and vulnerable." Hertsmere Borough Council says it has apologised to the Kramer's.

A council spokesperson said: "We are really sorry this has happened and have already sent a written apology to Mr Kramer and his wife for the behaviour of the contractors on the site. We’ve also spoken to the site agents and let them know that this is unacceptable.

"We’ve instructed them to obscure the windows overlooking the Kramer's property as a temporary measure until the staircases and permanent screening are in place.

"We have also asked the site manager to apologise to the Kramers personally."

The Crown Road development is for 28 modular homes which will be used as temporary housing. It was the most objected scheme in the history of Hertsmere because many felt it was an "unsuitable" site for the type of development it was.

In particular, neighbours have raised concerns about privacy.

Last week, Councillor John Graham, responsible for finance and property, pledged to go the "extra mile" to ensure the privacy of the Kramer's was respected.