An "uncontrollable infestation of rats" has been found at a grocery store in Borehamwood.

An environmental health officer visited The Bees Supermarket in Shenley Road for a routine food hygiene inspection on Thursday.

During the inspection, the officer found evidence of a rat infestation which included "serious accumulations" of rat droppings.

A hygiene emergency prohibition notice has been served by Hertsmere Borough Council and the following reasons for the notice, which can be found on the shop front, are:

  • an uncontrollable infestation of rats serious enough to result in actual contamination of food and significant risk of contamination of food
  • very poor structural condition of the premises, very poor routine cleaning of structural surfaces, food storage areas and food equipment
  • lack of hot water
  • serious accumulation of rat droppings, food debris, and rubbish resulting in a significant risk of contamination of food.

The store has been temporarily closed.

A spokesperson for the council said: "Our Environmental health officer went to The Bees Supermarket in Shenley Road on Thursday 15 August to conduct a routine food hygiene inspection.

"They found evidence of a rat infestation and other serious failings which presented an imminent risk to public health. In accordance with the law, we issued a hygiene emergency prohibition notice that day and the business was closed until further notice.

"The case will be going before St Albans Magistrates Court on Wednesday (21 August) where we will be asking the magistrate to confirm the action taken by environmental health and for a hygiene emergency prohibition order to be issued.

"In the meantime, the business must remain closed until officers are satisfied that the imminent risk to public health has been removed."