A 50th birthday salute to a legendary comedy will be held in Borehamwood this weekend.

Stars of ITV sitcom On the Buses will be in the town - several scenes of in three 90-minute feature films were shot in Borehamwood.

Shenley Road was heavily featured, Malden Road is where the house used as Stan Butler's home is located, the laundrette featured in the first of the films is in in Manor Way, and Whitehouse Avenue is home to Turnaround Betty. Production took place at Elstree Studios.

On the Buses starred Reg Varney, Doris Hare, Anna Karen, Michael Robbins and Stephen Lewis and amounted to 74 episodes and three feature films with the first beating Bond movie Diamonds are Forever to the top of the UK box office in 1971.

Head to Fairway Hall in Brook Road on Saturday and Sunday to meet the stars of the show. There will also be a tour of Borehamwood visiting some of the famous filming locations.

The event has been organised by author Craig Walker, who has published four books on the sitcom.

He said: "The days are a celebration of On the Buses. We will visit several iconic filming locations covered in my book On the Buses: The Filming Locations on Saturday morning, aboard a bus supplied by Sullivan buses. In the afternoon and evening fans can meet stars of the hit TV series and films and ask questions and obtain autographs.

"On Sunday more filming locations covered on foot again all in my book. An event with a great social feel to it."

"On the Buses has many endearing qualities. It had wonderful scripts supplied by the late Ronnie Wolfe and Ronnie Chesney, a great cast that gelled so well together and innuendo and saucy humour covering a subject everyone could associate with - buses."

The 50th anniversary of On the Buses begins at 9.30am on July 6. Email Craig Walker at caledoniancraig@outlook.com for ticket information.