Let with Hertsmere, a scheme offering financial incentives and support for landlords to rent out their property, has received noteworthy praise.

Since its launch in April, landlords have commented on how easy the scheme is to use as well as how efficient the team are to work with.

The Landlords’ Forum, which provides an opportunity to meet and network, received a presentation on the Let with Hertsmere scheme this week, to explain not only the benefits to landlords but also the help it gives local people in housing need.

Councillor Jean Heywood, responsible for housing, said: "Landlords have praised our new scheme and have said how easy it is to use as well as how efficient the team are. Let with Hertsmere provides a financial incentive or a rent deposit scheme, and helps support local people in housing need."

There are two schemes with a range of incentives:

'Our Cash Incentive Scheme' includes:

• A cash incentive on signing up a new tenant

• Support from our team to secure a tenancy

'Our Rent Deposit Scheme' includes:

• Two months’ deposit placed in a bond

• First month’s rent in advance

• Landlord insurance for two-year tenancies

• Support from our team through the life of the tenancy

Landlord, Sue Gallagher, said: "We were very quickly found tenants and all the financial and suitability checks were carried out for us. We received the payment direct to our bank account in advance and a bond was put in place to protect us financially should the tenants prove to be problematic.

"Since then all rent payments have been paid on time and the tenants have settled in to our property without any problems. Our Let with Hertsmere representative remains accessible and involved in the tenancy should any future problems arise. I am very happy to recommend this service to other landlords."

Visit www.hertsmere.gov.uk/letwithhertsmere for more information