A community pantry has a safe new path thanks to some generosity from a construction company.

Employees at local company Engie have donated their time to build a path for Gratitude's community pantry in Grenfell Close, Borehamwood.

For the last eight months, families and people in need of a little support, have been able to visit the small pantry and take a selection of everyday items - mainly food - which they collect from supermarkets for free.

Borehamwood Times:

Sheila and John Carlisle inside the pantry

But founders John and Sheila Carlisle became concerned that the path down to the pantry was a little unsafe especially during bad weather.

Mrs Carlisle said: "When the weather is wet, it isn't safe for elderly, disabled members, or even mums with buggies to access the pantry. The path gets very muddy and slippery.

"Big shout-out to Engie for coming to the rescue. They donated the costs of the entire work, materials, machines and employees wages.

"Thanks to this wonderful community focused team at 'Engie', the old slippery path will be replaced with a regulation safe graduated platforms path, complete with two side hand rails."

Borehamwood Times:

The pantry is stocked seven days a week and volunteers spent all year collecting surplus food to make sure it goes to good use. Gratitude, as a charitable organisation, has been running for five years now.