A charity which has delivered £16m worth of goods to countries in need across the world has celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Borehamwood-based Goods for Good raised another £16,000 at its annual supper quiz, attended by 275 people.

Founder of Goods for Good, Rosalind Bluestone, started sourcing unwanted goods in 2014, sending them to vulnerable people in refugee camps - and her charity was registered with the charity commission in 2016.

Borehamwood Times:

To date, Goods for Good has delivered more than £16m-worth of goods, such as toiletries and clothing, to places across the world including the Middle East, Africa, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Kurdistan, and Greece.

Ms Bluestone said: “Goods may be rejected by companies for many different reasons. It is all brand new. We help companies fulfil their zero-waste and sustainability policies by sending them to those who have lost everything and have no access money to purchase them.

“So we repurpose these new goods by distributing them to people in need – overseas, where people live in refugee camps and abject poverty. We deliver not only goods, but dignity and hope. Imagine having no nappies for your baby or blankets to keep your family warm at night.”

Borehamwood Times:

Thirty-seven companies and supporters helped sponsor the quiz this month, which was organised by several volunteers, while Talia Cohen from Borehamwood’s Bakery Club, donated a beautiful cake she baked for the occasion.