An actor who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012 returned to the centre where he was treated to help mark the new services it provides.

Ben Richards, who has starred in dramas including The Bill and Holby City, joined oncologists and radiotherapists at Genesis Care's centre in Centennial Park, Elstree, last week.

During tests in 2012, Richards was found with a 6cm tumour in his bowel. Surgeons were forced to remove half his bowel and he underwent six-week cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He has since made a full recovery.

Workshops at Centennial Park allowed guests to speak to the experts and get hands-on with GenesisCare's technologies including head and neck cancer masking, tattoo-less radiotherapy, and their holistic therapies through their partner charity, Penny Brohn.

James McArthur, general manager at Genesis Care, said: "At GenesisCare our values are critically important and we remind ourselves constantly of why we're here. if we adopt the values of innovation and partnership we can transform how patients are treated.

"Everything about the oncology service is what we do and what we live and breath - we challenge ourselves to continue to get bigger and better and do more for our patients."

Richards added: “Cancer is a battle we’re all facing and GenesisCare is leading the fight against it.

"GenesisCare in Elstree is the place where I started to get better - this place means a lot to me. From the minute you walk into this place, you know you're in a caring and friendly location, not just a hospital."