Politicians have spoken out after the results of the European elections were announced.

Nationally, the Brexit Party secured a resounding victory in its own right with election maps swathed in turqouise representing the areas in which it polled the most votes.

In the East of England region, which includes authorities in Hertfordshire, the Brexit Party were the clear winners winning three of the seven Member of European Parliament seats. The party took 38 per cent of the total vote.

While it was a night to forget for the Conservatives and Labour, the Lib Dems were successful racking up victories in St Albans and Watford - but across the region, the party fell short of the Brexit vote by around 250,000 votes.

Brexit Party

Richard Tice is one of three new Brexit MEP's in the East of England.

He said he was "honoured" to be elected and said "this was just the beginning".

Lib Dems

Meanwhile, elected Lib Dem candidate Barbara Gibson tweeted a picture of her and her colleagues on Sunday night.

Sandy Walkington, who was looking to win a Lib Dem seat, said: "In St Albans, we received 45 per cent of the vote. I called at many hundreds of St Albans households during the last three weeks.

"The clear message echoed to me and my fellow candidates was that a majority of people want the chance for another referendum before any suggestion of crashing out without a deal."

Watford Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, Cllr Ian Stotesbury, said the result in Watford shows his party is ready in the town if a general election is called.

He said: "These results show how people locally support our message about stopping this disastrous Brexit process. We've been clear throughout this campaign that we do not support Brexit and voters have rewarded up for this.

"It's obvious that the Liberal Democrats are on the up, with two record breaking results this month. With support in Watford for Labour at a low, it's clear that the it's only the Liberal Democrats who can challenge the Conservatives at the next general election in our town."


Watford Labour parliamentary candidate Chris Ostrowski said: "These results have been very disappointing for Labour and I'm sorry we have lost Alex Mayer, who was a very effective Labour MEP for Watford.

"Two things need to happen quickly. There must be a new Parliament and a new referendum. Theresa May failed to find consensus in Parliament and her successor will fare no better.

"Watford's future, and Britain's future, lies in Europe. I will always support the UK remaining in a reformed EU. Watford Labour Party members are in favour of a second referendum and I will continue to campaign for a public vote and a Labour Government."

The full results

Change UK The Independent Group: 58,274 votes (3.65%)

Conservative and Unionist Party: 163,830 votes (10.25%)

English Democrats: 10,217 votes (0.64%)

Green Party: 202,460 votes (12.67%)

Labour Party: 139,490 votes (8.73%)

Liberal Democrats: 361,563 votes (22.62%)

The Brexit Party: 604,715 votes (37.83%)

UK Independence Party (UKIP): 54,676 votes (3.42%)

Independent (Attila Csordas): 3,230 votes (0.20%)

The seven MEPs for the region are:

Richard Tice, Brexit Party

Michael Heaver, Brexit Party

June Mummery, Brexit Party

Barbara Gibson, Liberal Democrat

Lucy Nethsingha, Liberal Democrat

Catherine Rowett, Green

Geoffrey Van Orden, Conservative