Elstree & Borehamwood has a new mayor.

Cllr Simon Rubner replaces Cllr Victor Eni for the 2019/2020 municipal year following the council elections on May 2.

At the town council meeting on May 8, Cllr Rubner was elected and he firstly joined other members in thanking Cllr Eni for his year in Office stating that the Diversity Festival in particular was a great success and that he would be a "hard act to follow".

Borehamwood Times:

A portrait of departing mayor Cllr Victor Eni, painted by Angela Hull which was presented to Cllr Eni by Nick Male

The new mayor also paid tribute to the departing Graham Franklin, Anna Coleshill, Cynthia Barker, Anne Mitchell, Gary Silver, and Eric Silver.

But he did welcome six new members to the council.

Cllr Sandra Parnell was elected deputy mayor for the town.

The new make-up of the town council is seven Conservative and six Labour members.

The Council Membership for 2019/20 is as follows:

Cllr Simon Rubner – Brookmeadow (Town Mayor)

Cllr Sandra Parnell – Hillside (Deputy Mayor)

Cllr Clive Butchins - Hillside

Cllr Rebecca Butler - Shenley Road

Cllr Richard Butler - Cowley Hill

Cllr Alpha Collins - Cowley Hill

Cllr Victor Eni – Brookmeadow

Cllr Prabhakar Kaza - Kenilworth South

Cllr Sam Lawrence - Kenilworth North

Cllr Jeremy Newmark - Kenilworth South

Cllr Pat Strack – Hillside

Cllr Farida Turner - Elstree

Cllr Michelle Vince - Cowley Hill