A much loved teddy bear has been reincarnated– nearly seven years after his predecessor was snatched while travelling on a train in Tanzania.

Debra Schiman has brought ‘Bearsac’ back to Borehamwood and he has already been meeting people out and about on the streets.

Sadly, it is not the original Bearsac. At 8.03am on December 23 2011, Debra and Bearsac were leaving a village in Tanzania when the bear was grabbed from the train window by a man.

Bearsac had been waving at some young children before the man which Debra describes as having "hatred" on his face snatched her teddy bear from her.

Debra tried to jump out to retrieve her beloved bear but was stopped. Despite returning to the village as quickly as she could, Bearsac, who she had bought 14 years ago from a market stall, could not be found.

Borehamwood Times:

Debra pictured with the original Bearsac

Debra, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, was gutted about losing Bearsac and in the last few weeks, she has been working hard on creating a new bear which was completed last month.

The reincarnation of Bearsac has coincided with the launch of a book; Travels with my Teddy Bear (Travelogues and musings of a woman with Asperger's Syndrome and her teddy bear).

Debra said: “Bearsac won’t be with me all the time but he will be paraded around. I hope that a lot of people will recognise him and that he will go viral. Bearsac had lots of fans although he wasn’t always popular with everyone. But I am happy he is back.

“I want to bring some joys and smiles to town. Yes he annoys some people but I hope he will bring some new perspective.

“The book was originally published in 2009 but has been heavily revised since. It’s about my travels with Bearsac around the world and it’s about living with Asperger’s too. But the book is not suitable for children.”

Borehamwood Times:

Debra, who lives in Borehamwood, says people who spot her and Bearsac on the street are welcome to come over and say hello.