More than 1,000 people have signed a petition to save a post office after a postmaster said he would have little option but to close if a proposed rent hike goes through.

Amir Doha has said Hertsmere Borough Council wants to double the rent he pays at his Aycliffe Road post office in Borehamwood.

Mr Doha, 67, who works nine hours, five days a week, currently pays £6,000 a year in rent but was told the council wanted to increase it to £13,000 – although it is believed this figure has since reduced.

Mr Doha, who has been in Borehamwood since 2011, said: “I really wouldn’t be able to stay open. Our income is getting lower because of online services. I don’t know how we can survive with this rise.

“The post office is an important community hub for people who can’t get to the high street. I think the council needs to consider the community and support us too. I work so many hours to keep the business open.”

Mr Doha is not only appealing for a dearer rent but possible funding from the council to keep the business alive.

The postmaster told Labour Cowley Hill councillors about his situation. The party immediately set up a petition to fight to save the post office.

The petition calls on the council to “reverse proposals to increase the rent by 120 per cent” which will force this community facility to close”.

The councillors add that losing the post office would be “another blow” to the Leeming Road area and said the closure would have a “hugely damaging” impact upon the Cowley Hill ward.

The petition, which has been signed online and in person, is expected to be presented to the council this week.

A council spokeswoman said: "We recognise the importance of a community Post Office and remain committed to working with local businesses.

“We are currently in the early stages of the rent review for the Post Office and these negotiations are ongoing. The tenant will be aware that rents can be reviewed every five years in line with their rental agreements. These reviews are carried out in accordance with the terms of each individual lease.

“Negotiations are still ongoing and while it is not appropriate for us to discuss individual cases, we always strive to reach an amicable agreement wherever possible.”

The Aycliffe Road post office is one of three in Borehamwood. There are sites in Manor Way and in Shenley Road.

The petition can be viewed here