A vehicle hire business and car wash in the heart of Borehamwood has been rejected by the planning committee.

Enterprise, a car rental company, wanted to open a branch in the car park of the former NatWest building.

The former NatWest site, next door to McDonald’s, has been converted into 90 flats but councillors argued that the site was “unsuitable”.

Hertsmere borough councillor Farida Turner said: “As a Borehamwood councillor, I believe nearby residents have a right to peace and quiet especially with so many cars coming and going.”

Cllr Charles Kelly added he thought the site didn’t seem “very suitable” while Cllr John Graham said they liked the idea but not where it was located.

The proposed development would have taken away 24 of the 60 parking spaces available to residents.

Borehamwood Times:

Speaking in favour of the scheme was Cllr Michelle Vince – who does not sit on the planning committee.

At last night’s meeting, she said: “A car pool is an asset for our town. Enterprise has said it won’t use a jet washer which takes away the noise concerns. This is a proposal to solve a parking problem. This is planning clutching at straws.”

Borehamwood Times:

NatWest House from the front

The operations of the site would have run from 8am to 6pm.

Liam Wraith, who lives in Natwest House, said: “I’m very pleased that the application has been turned down. This would have directly impacted on us. I give many thanks to the councillors who objected as it has made a huge difference to those living here now and feels like a weight has been lifted.”

The application had been recommended for refusal but Hertsmere’s planning department said it would support the scheme in a different location.

Cllr Jeremy Newmark called for a car club in Borehamwood and said he was “torn” on the application. He abstained from voting while the rest of the committee voted it down.

Enterprise said it had provided two car club spaces at the front of the building.