A pair of pranksters who broke into the Big Brother studios twice, during live evictions, have been ordered to complete 120 hours each of community service.

Ally Law, 22, of Hepworth Close, Southampton, and Ryan Taylor, 25, of Lichfield Road, Bloxwich, Walsall, appeared at St Albans Magistrates Court yesterday (Tuesday) for sentencing.

On January 19 last year, Law and Taylor climbed over a fence and got onto the Elstree Studios television set in Borehamwood, filming their break-in on Go Pro cameras and mobile phones.

They were discovered by security staff just before 11pm and removed from the site. Police were notified and it was dealt as a trespass matter and the case was closed.

Just a week later, the pair returned to the now demolished site, clambering up scaffolding and walking along a roof which overlooked the live audience who had gathered for the eviction. They jumped into the garden before trying to get into the house.

They were spotted by the housemates causing the set to go into lockdown and the shutters drawn on the house.

Law then took of his trousers and jumped into a hot tub.

Police attended and both Law and Taylor were arrested.

The pair, who have four million YouTube subscribers between them, regularly film themselves taking part in dangerous and risky challenges before uploading the footage to the video sharing site.

As well as 120 hours community service, the pranksters must each pay £1,000 in court costs, an £85 victim surcharge, and compensation totalling £300 to two security guards.

Law was also given a five year criminal behavioural order which means he can no longer trespass on properties, entering TV or film studios, visiting a property owned by Merlin Group, which includes Thorpe Park, as well as being banned from being on any structure or inside any building outside of commercial hours, without the landowners permission.

If he breaches the order, he could be jailed for five years.

Law and Taylor’s actions were described by Hertsmere chief inspector Clare Smith as “reckless and irresponsible”.