A pair of drug dealers who were found in possession of nearly £30,000 worth of cocaine have been jailed.

Jack McGrath, 20, of Norfolk Gardens, Borehamwood, and Saachicco Williamson, 25, of Lammas Mead, Hitchin, were found with half of a kilo of cocaine when they were stopped by officers in Bedford Road, near Hitchin, on May 2 2017.

Police officers searched both men and the vehicle they were in and found a carrier bag containing cocaine in the foot-well of the car.

They were both charged with possession with intent to supply a Class A drug and were later convicted.

On February 19 this year, they were sentenced at St Albans Crown Court.

McGrath will spend four years and four months in prison while Williamson will serve a sentence of five years and four months.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Gilbertson, from the Hitchin Local Crime Unit, said: “These two young men have both received substantial custodial sentences that was only possible as a result of excellent investigative work carried out by my team.

“It should stand as a warning to anyone aspiring to get involved in organised crime, especially the supply of Class A drugs. If, like McGrath and Williamson, you’re involved in such criminality, you will be identified, you will be prosecuted and you will go to prison.”