Council tax has risen by £5 in Hertsmere – and this in top of two separate tax rises.

The majority of councillors at Hertsmere Borough Council voted to approve the council’s 2019/20 revenue budget.

To fund the budget, the borough council’s share of council tax bills will rise by around £5 for the average band D household.

It is the same rise as last year and will come into affect in April.

It means someone living in a band D property will pay £162.50 a year. This money will go towards services including waste and recycling, planning, housing, parks, street cleaning, and supporting police community support officers.

Government funding represents just 23 per cent of the borough council’s funding compared to 54 per cent in 2010 so councils have to find alternative ways to make up the cash.

Hertsmere says it is working hard to raise additional income and provide efficiency savings.

Cllr John Graham, responsible for finance at the council said: “We agreed this small council tax increase in the budget as it will be essential to enable us to continue to deliver key frontline services for Hertsmere’s residents. At a time when money from central government has been in sharp decline, we are looking to provide both a continuing and growing range of services."

Labour voted down the revenue budget and group leader Cllr Jeremy Newmark said the budget was “short on sustainability” and said it “failed to offer for most local people”.

The borough council tax rise is in addition to a 2.99 per cent increase in Hertfordshire County Council tax. For the average band D householder, this will be an increase of £39.52 a year on what taxpayers paid last year.

Taxpayers will also pay £24 extra year in tax towards the police and crime commissioner. This has helped fund 75 new police officers across the county.