“It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured – or worse.”

These were the words of a neighbourhood police officer as Hertfordshire Constabulary released CCTV footage of young cyclists risking their lives performing stunts in traffic.

The recordings show cyclists riding between two lanes of traffic, weaving between cars and riding on their back wheel in front of and around moving vehicles.

There have been several near misses with cars and buses. Similar behaviour has occurred in pedestrianised areas as cyclists have been shown riding too close to those walking by.

Most of the offences have been in St Peter’s Street and Victoria Street, St Albans.

PC Andy Shepherd, of the St Albans Central, North and West Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “I think parents would be shocked seeing the danger these cyclists are putting themselves and other road users and pedestrians in.

“We hope that by issuing CCTV footage of the cyclists, we can help prevent accidents by encouraging parents to speak to their children and let us know who the teenagers are so we can help prevent this kind of behaviour.”

One piece of footage shows a new ‘game’ among in which cyclists ride close to the front of a car before swerving away at the last minute.

A 15-year-old boy from Borehamwood took up the challenge, but did not swerve in time and lost control before he tumbled over the bonnet as his bike went underneath the car.

Luckily, the cyclist escaped with bruises, but the damage to the car cost £1,200 to repair as well as the risk it caused to the driver and passengers.

Hertfordshire Constabulary will be working with schools to keep the young cyclists and community safe.

Any information on anti-social riders please contact Hertfordshire Constabulary via the non-emergency number 101 or report online at www.herts.police.uk/Report.