Two weeks after Theresa May endured one of the most resounding defeats in British parliamentary history, she is due to put her proposed deal with the EU to Parliament tomorrow.

Here are 10 reasons for Oliver Dowden MP to reject Mrs May's deal and opt for a hard, deal-less Brexit.

  1. It’s what the people voted for – no customs union, no freedom of movement, no interference
  2. It gives us a chance to deal directly with the biggest emerging economies in the world – on our terms
  3. It’s a clean break from the undemocratic bureaucracy of the EU
  4. The PM’s deal means we still obey the EU’s rules but we’d have no say
  5. We would no longer have to hand billions to the EU
  6. We would have full control over all new laws governing our country
  7. It would give our fishermen back their waters
  8. Our farmers would be free of the Common Agricultural Policy
  9. We would end jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights
  10. We could have a fairer immigration policy with the rest of the world, including the Commonwealth

What do you think?