A small but significant postscript to one of the most terrible events of the 20th century will take place on Sunday; the remains of six unknown victims of the Holocaust will be laid to rest in a funeral service at Bushey New Cemetery.

The five adults and a child were murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz concentration camp. Their ashes had been stored in the archives of the Imperial War Museum, until it decided they should be returned to the Jewish community.

The burial may take place hundreds of miles from where the victims may have been born and lived; they themselves may have been torn from towns, cities and villages far from Poland, where the camp was built.

But the repercussions of the Nazis' crimes are still with us, and anti-Semitism and genocide have not gone away.

Giving the wider community a chance to be present at this funeral offers a recognition that we must all remember the Holocaust and take responsibility that such an atrocity never takes place again.

The ceremony will take place at Bushey New Cemetery in Little Bushey Lane on Sunday at 11am.