A home was burgled for the first time in 115 days – the longest period a village had seen without a house burglary in the 21st century.

Two men in balaclavas stole two laptops and two iPads from a home in Watling Street, while a 14-year-old boy was alone at home on December 28.

It is believed the suspects climbed over a side gate before breaking into the house through a back door.

A bathroom window was damaged as people tried to break into another home in Elstree, this time in Elstree Hill North on either December 29 or December 30.

Despite the record run of no burglaries, the village has been struck by car thefts in recent months.

Elsewhere in December, a delivery van parked in Elstree Hill South was stolen after keys had been left in the ignition and doors left unlocked.

On December 7, a number plate was snatched from a car in Edgar Close, on December 9, a van was broken into in Sullivan Way but nothing was taken, keys were taken from a vehicle in Deacons Hill Road on December 13, and a tyre inflator was taken from an unlocked car in Hartfield Avenue.

Police community support officer John Hainsworth has praised the community of Elstree for ensuring the record of 115 days.

PCSO Hainsworth has advised people to always make sure doors are locked and not leave valuables in vehicles.