Borehamwood hit the headlines for the wrong reason in September after a video of a 14-year-old girl beating up a 12-year-old in the street went viral on social media.

People reacted in horror as they watched the helpless girl on the floor get slapped and kicked in Leeming Road, and perhaps what was more shocking was the video was shared by the victim's own mother to raise awareness of what happened.

This still image was taken from the videoThis still image was taken from the video

There was huge outcry for action to be taken against the attacker and she was identified and spoken to by police but they believed the best course of action would be for the girl to apologise and write a letter of apology.

Traveller incursions were still causing chaos in Borehamwood, and this time it was the turn of the Hertsmere Labour leader, Cllr Jeremy Newmark, to call on the council to protect the parks. He said Hertsmere Borough Council should seek a borough-wide court order which would allow their officers to take immediate action on removing travellers rather than wait for a removal order to be issued - which can take around a week.

After the Borehamwood Times posed a question of how much the incursions had cost the council so far in 2018, it revealed the sum was £40,000.

Tragedy would strike at Elstree & Borehamwood station after a dog's lead got caught in a train door as it left the station. Jonty was dragged along the tracks before being found dead in a tunnel.