We were in the midst of a glorious summer but for all the great weather, for many people in Borehamwood, it led to what could be interpreted as some "unwelcome" guests in the town.

In July, the council were given a bit of a merry-go-round after travellers pitched up on parks across the town including Ripon Park and Potterswood.

Hertsmere Borough Council worked tirelessly to move them on but they required court orders and were lengthy, and soon residents were growing tired of their parks being invaded by caravans, although opinion was divided.

Complaints were made about rubbish left and eventually prompted the MP, Oliver Dowden, to put pressure on the council to act.

The borough of Hertsmere would see an "unprecedented number of incursions" on its land.

Elsewhere, members of a bowls club were up in arms after it emerged their site in Meadow Park would be relocated as part of the regeneration works. But it proved to be an unpopualr decision with members who said the new facility in Aberford Park, which would come at a cost of more than £100,000 paid for by the borough and town council, would not be up to scratch with their current site - because the surface would be artificial.

A horse sanctuary in Elstree suffered more bad luck. Following a break-in earlier in the year, a thug sprayed the contents of an aerosol can into the face of a pony at Cecil's in Elstree, leaving owner Julie Blake devastated.