Into June and there was no end in sight for the railway chaos.

Passengers were left stranded at stations and some didn’t even bother trying to get a train and ended up working from home instead.

The chaos didn’t go unnoticed by the government who received numerous complaints and transport secretary Chris Grayling announced an independent inquiry would be launched following calls form the public to “rip up GTR’s contract”.

Campiagners had already raised concerns about a potential development of homes and a school near Well End and Claire Crossan, who lives in Alexandra Road, felt her and her fellow protesters had no option but to march to get their voices heard.

Protesters on Saturday hold a sign aloft which reads Protesters on Saturday hold a sign aloft which reads "Hands off our green belt"

So one a weekend in June, around 30 people marched around Well End towards Potters Lane demanding “no development on green belt”.

But would the march have the desired effect or all be in vain?