That's it! Christmas is over for another year. But at least you have all the turkey and stuffing sandwiches to look forward to!

We continue our review of the year by looking at what went on in March - and don't forget to join us later today for a look back at April.


There were honours galore as Hertsmere Borough Council honoured those who have served their borough so well at the Civic Awards.

Andrew Grady, Ann Harrison, Raymond Coffer, Frederick Thomas, Lewis Osbourne, Edith Oakley, and Vivien Hewitt were all given special honours.

Borehamwood Times:

You can find out exactly what they did to earn their award here.

There would be a further honour too - this time for a young man from Borehamwood.

Police cadet Dominic Bennett, 18, found his mother, Karen, in distress and seriously ill at their home on February 7 2017. Dominic used his training and knowledge to begin CPR on his mother and he was helped out by a paramedic and PC Ross Paybody who spotted the emergency vehicle outside.

Sadly, Dominic's mother, who was aged 46, died, but as a result of his brave efforts, Dominic was nominated for a Royal Humane Society award.