A member of the European Parliament has said Hertfordshire is in danger of becoming a “forgotten county” following the Chancellor’s budget speech.

Labour MEP for East of England Alex Mayer attacked the Conservatives for being “out of touch” in this year’s budget, hinting that Labour would be better at meeting the needs of British people.

She suggested the Government should make way for a leadership that will “put the needs of the many, not the few first.”

Ms Mayer did say, however, that should Labour ever take control of the economy fairer distribution of public money was “pie in the sky” and heavily dependent on the outcome of a “terrible Tory Brexit deal”.

She said: “The Chancellor promised the era of austerity is finally coming to an end. But trying telling that to patients queuing up in ambulances, passengers who have lost their bus services and people living where the street lights have been switched off.

“Teachers and parents are also right to be angry that the out of touch Chancellor thinks schools want ‘little extras’ after £1.7 billion of school spending cuts since 2015. It is staggering. Schools want cash for teachers and classrooms not little extras.”

“Where was the vision for Hertfordshire? I think we are in danger of being a forgotten county. It is clear the Tories are out of ideas for our part of the world. They should make way for a government that will put the needs of the many, not the few first.

Turning to Brexit, Ms Mayer said: “Of course all this may be pie in the sky anyway as we wait to see what kind of terrible Tory Brexit deal the prime minister is agreeing and what effect it will have on our economy.”