Measures to protect a park from traveller incursions are underway after the council began installing wooden posts.

Hertsmere Borough Council said it would “act as soon as possible” after its Executive approved plans to protect Ripon Park in Borehamwood following numerous encampments by travellers over recent months.

Neighbours across the town called on the council to install bollards and posts which they hoped would act as a deterrent to caravans getting into the park.

Borehamwood Times:

Work is underway with wooden posts being erected along almost the whole length of the Arundel Drive side of Ripon Park and it is expected the whole perimeter of the park will be protected.

Although work seems to have paused over the last couple of days, the council has confirmed the project is not being postponed.

The council estimated last month the posts will cost in the region of £40,000.

Borehamwood Times:

Caravans in Ripon Park earlier this year

Hertsmere saw an “unprecedented” number of incursions this summer; more than 15, and other parks including Brook Meadow and Potterswood were camped upon, as well as sites in Bushey and Potters Bar.

There is no word yet on whether other parks in the borough will be protected.