Budget retailer Poundland has developed six skincare products aimed at tackling wrinkles, Katie Wright reports...

Everyone loves finding their favourite mascara on sale, or a taking advantage of a two-for-one offer on shampoo, but surely even the keenest beauty bargain-hunter would draw the line at shopping for skincare in Poundland, right?

Well, the discount retailer is hoping to lure beauty buffs in with its latest launch, a range of six anti-ageing skincare products that cost £1 each.

Called #6 (inspired by another numerically named own-brand from a big high street retailer, as you can tell from the packaging), the collection arrives in Poundland shops today - but we got our hands on it ahead of the launch, to put the products through their paces.

Borehamwood Times:

“Everyone wants to look good for less, and we spent a long time ironing out the wrinkles to develop a fantastic skincare range to fit all budgets,” says Holly Mobley, Poundland’s head of glamour.

“We set out to challenge expectations, we want customers to feel like they are buying a bit of luxury without breaking the bank, and are confident #6 hits the mark for beauty addicts and skincare novices alike.”

So what’s it really like? Here’s our review of the Poundland #6 range...


To begin your skincare routine, the Micellar Cleansing Water, which comes in a generous 200ml bottle, effectively removes make-up - just soak a cotton pad with the liquid and wipe it over your face.

I used it following my usual cream cleanser and found it got rid of those pesky last dregs or foundation and every last trace of mascara.


Intended for targeting specific lines and wrinkles, the range’s three 15ml serums feature high-tech ingredients you’d usually only expect to find in far more expensive formulas.

The Anti-ageing Derma Serum, which contains Sepilift peptide alongside jojoba oil and vitamins A, C and E, is silky and melts into the skin like a serum should, adding an extra layer of moisture and protection after cleansing.

The Anti-ageing Eye Cream is formulated with collagen, ceramides and algae extract and is very thick so you don’t need a lot, just tap it gently into the delicate skin around your eyes.

The Anti-ageing Collagen Filler also contains collagen and algae extract, as well as hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Similar to the eye cream, with a dense texture, it is best used on places like your crow’s feet and forehead lines.

Borehamwood Times:


In 50ml pots, the #6 moisturisers are the real bargains of the range.

The Anti-ageing Day Cream has a light gel-like texture, which sinks into skin quickly and uses collagen, ceramides, sweet almond oil, algae extract and vitamins A and E to keep wrinkles at bay.

The Anti-ageing Night Cream is a richer lotion, the glossy moisturiser featuring the same active ingredients as the day cream but with the addition of pro-vitamin B5.

Our verdict

If we hadn’t already known the #6 range was from Poundland, we’d never have guessed. While the pots and tubes are basic, the formulas themselves do feel luxurious, particularly the serums.

The product selection and formulations are good for targeting a variety of fine lines and wrinkles - the only thing that seems to be missing is an SPF day cream, because protecting against the sun’s rays is the most important way to prevent ageing to begin with.

While we can’t say how effective the creams are in the long term, the prices make the #6 range very appealing indeed - you can get all six products for less than a third of the price of one day cream from an equivalent brand.

So if you’re feeling the pinch and need to restock your skincare stash, you can’t say fairer than that.