A ten-year-old girl from Borehamwood will be seen by millions of television viewers putting her general knowledge to the test on a new quiz show.

Lisa Hardin, of Bray Close, was shocked to be picked to appear in Are You Smarter Than a Ten-Year-Old? at Elstree Film Studios, in Shenley Road, Borehamwood, after going along as an audience member.

In the show, which is hosted by Deal or No Deal? star Noel Edmond, and children's presenters Dick and Dom, she has to pit her wits against adults on questions taken from the schools national curriculum.

Lisa, a pupil at Hertsmere Jewish Primary School, in Watling Street, Radlett, correctly came up with the capital of Slovakia, which is Bratislava.

She said: "The questions have been a bit tricky. I was really surprised to be picked because I came from the audience.

"My mum happened to be talking to the executive producer, and I got asked for an audition."

Producer Hannah Dodson said Elstree was chosen because only the massive George Lucas stage could accommodate the school-themed set.

"Regular television studios were just too small," she said.

The 70 episodes being recorded will be shown on Sky One, starting in October.

A good omen for dog-loving Lisa is her winning another contest earlier this month, being named best international junior dog-handler for her age group