Yobs broke into a monkey sanctuary and a special needs centre leaving the people who run it devastated.

Aldenham Country Park director David Martin got to work on Wednesday to find the door of the special needs centre had been forced open.

The damage will cost £1,200 to replace.

Glass was broken and food and drink stolen.

CCTV cameras caught three people breaking in and they attempted to open the cash register but it was empty.

The centre, which is used seven days a week and provides a learning space for teenagers and children, was shut on Wednesday so the place could be cleared up.

Days earlier, intruders damaged monkey netting at the country park worth thousands of pounds.

When the people returned on Tuesday, they tried to break the ropes once again but failed.

A member of the public also reported people trying to break into a vending machine.

There are also reports Aldenham Angling Club has been targeted.

Last year, arsonists set fire to woodland in the park.

Mr Martin says that the woods are still a popular place for teenagers to gather to smoke and drink and leave rubbish.

He says the not-for-profit park is now struggling to keep up costs due to the break-ins and anti-social behaviour.

He said: “We don’t have the funds to cover this behaviour and it’s really affecting us. Every year this seems to be happening to the park.

“The park simply doesn’t have the resources to replace what’s being damaged.

“The woodland is very important and that is where has suffered the most damage. I’d say it is people maybe in their late teens and they seem to drive over here.”

No animals were hurt during the incidents as they are locked away at night.

The park is covered by CCTV footage and the incidents have been reported to police, but no arrests have been made.