Nearly £2m of county council Section 106 money has been spent in Borehamwood, an FOI has revealed.

A Freedom of Information request was submitted to Hertfordshire County Council which asked for all the monies spent across the county.

Following a breakdown of projects, figures show that £1.8m has been spent in Borehamwood and £1.7m in Elstree since 2012/13.

Section 106 money is from developers and helps pay towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure; the need for it coming as a result of development.

Much of the money has been spent on school expansions within Borehamwood, most notably at Summerswood Primary School, Parkside, and Hertswood School and more recently Hertswood Academy.

£1.1m was spent on the Elstree crossroads junction improvement scheme.

The money has also been used for a number of traffic calming measures.

In Melrose Avenue, just over £71,000 was spent in 2013/14 while speed reduction measures in Cobden Hill/Watling Street in Radlett cost around £16,500.

£70,000 of section 106 money was spent on the pedestrian crossing outside Elstree University Technical College while £70,000 was put forward for the provision of an improved pedestrian crossing in Elstree Way in 2015/16.

£11,000 was spent on the upgrade of bus stops in Balmoral Drive and Allum Lane.

Borehamwood Library also received nearly £100,000 s106 monies.

Across Hertfordshire, £57 Section 106 money has been spent since 2012/2013.

£7m has been spent in Watford.

The FOI was submitted by the chairman of Elstree & Borehamwood Residents' Association, Andy Lewis.

The list below shows how Borehamwood has compared to other major towns across the county since 2012/13

Berkhamsted - £1.5m

Watford - £6.7m

St Albans - £5.7m

Hatfield - £6.5m

Hemel Hempstead - £3.4m

Stevenage - £5.6m

Bushey - £2.3m

Welwyn Garden City - £900,000

Hertford - £1.1m

Hitchin - £1.1m

Harpenden - £485,000

Radlett - £200,000

Shenley - £126,000

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