Town councillor Clive Butchins is clearly giving as little serious thought to parking chaos in Borehamwood as he did to his ill thought

out project to twin our town with a Chinese province.

He asserts (May 5) “in Borehamwood we have a serious problem that has no easy solution”. A typical Tory cop-out.

Butchins’ Conservative colleagues at borough and county councils continue to pack this town with development, giving too little thought to the need to improve infrastructure to cope with increased demand.

There are a number of solutions that would help ease the parking problem.

They include new car parks; serious improvements to local

public transport; cycle schemes; and where developments are built with good access to local amenities, considering reducing the amount of parking space available.

Perhaps Cllr Butchins should also tackle his Tory colleagues at the county council who have continually failed to meaningfully discharge their parking enforcement in areas such as Manor Way. When I recently tried to raise these concerns at the Hertfordshire Highways Partnership Panel they refused to discuss the matter.

Similarly, rather than engage with councillors and local people constructively to improve matters a local Tory councillor recently accused me of interfering with a matter that he claim has already been sorted out.

As community leaders, local councillors should provide solutions, not lecture local people on how problems that their own administration have created are unsolvable.

It is time that they stopped taking the votes of local people for granted!

Cllr Jeremy Newmark, Kenilworth Ward Leader, Labour and Opposition Group, Hertsmere Borough Council

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