Leading Indian streaming platform Gaana has signed singer and songwriter Avina Shah, who went to Watford Girls School.

Her brand new song, Playboy, which is a comeback after a short hiatus, will be available to over 60 million subscribers. I spoke to her to find out more…

What inspired Playboy?

I wanted to come up with a bold and playful song especially after a long break from the industry. The title is self-explanatory but it’s got cheeky twist – basically saying that ‘girls just wanna have fun’. We are in a new era now where gender roles are equalising and women are very much in charge of their lives…so it’s in theme with that.

Where was the song produced and recorded?

This song was created in both London and Mumbai. It was an incredible experience coordinating and collaborating ideas with a large team of people and I’ve learnt so much about production in the process.

How did you get signed up with Gaana?

I was introduced to somebody at Gaana and played them a sample of the track. The team at Gaana really loved the song and offered an enticing deal to launch it on their platform. It’s a great initiative to support non-film music and independent artists like myself.

Borehamwood Times:

Describe the music video.

It’s a fun and quirky retro style dance track. We wanted to do something totally different, not what you would expect when you hear the word ‘Playboy’! The song has one of those catchy choruses that sticks in your head for a while and we wanted to cater for all ages to let their hair down! I’m playing a nerd in the video, who ‘fancies’ my nerdy friend but he’s just not interested in me until the very end!

What do you have planned next?

This is just the beginning of many more releases I have lined up – each very different to each other in terms of sound, vision and a unique message. I also have several performances, appearances and of course some surprises coming soon!

Which singers or artists are you inspired by?

I find Rihanna very intriguing – she’s just so fiery and is never afraid to push the boundaries. Her songs always stand out and she has a natural charisma about her that keeps me engaged to see what she does next. Rihanna also launched a very successful range of beauty products and that is something I’m also focusing on with my brand Faces by Avina.

Tell us about your most memorable live singing performance.

My past musical journey has given me the opportunity to share the stage with huge stars such as Shahrukh Khan, perform for Middle Eastern Royal families and also perform live in Las Vegas. I’m really thankful for these wonderful experiences and look forward to what the future has in store.

What is the biggest lesson the music industry has taught you so far?

Believe in yourself! Everyone has a unique gift inside them so never limit your creativity and don’t be afraid to take some risks. Life is short…so if you have passion for something, you should just go for it and fulfil your daydream.