The owners of a dog who reportedly escaped during a burglary are urging people to keep an eye for their beloved pet.

Brutus, a dark brown pointer/daschund cross, was last seen at a house in Mildred Avenue, Borehamwood, on March 18.

His owners, Lucy and David McKee, were on a visit from Germany and were staying at Mr McKee's parents house.

It is believed that Brutus ran away after someone smashed their way into the house in Mildred Avenue.

Borehamwood Times:

There has been no sign of Brutus since the morning of March 18. Mr and Mrs McKee have since had to return to Germany, where they live and work.

In a letter, Mr McKee has thanked people who have helped look for their dog.

He said: "Many people, in and around Borehamwood, have helped us in the search. My family and I would like to say a huge and heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who spent time and effort in the hunt for Brutus.

"Even so, we would be really grateful if people could keep an eye out for Brutus. He is a dark brown pointer/dachshund cross, who looks like a very small Labrador. He wears a red collar. He is a friendly and loving dog, but he is terribly nervous of strangers and other dogs."

If anyone sees Brutus, call 07511498600 or contact your local vet.

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