Facebook is contacting users whose data may have been shared with Cambridge Analytica.

If your information was scraped, you will have received a notification from the app on Monday.

Anyone who has logged into the app This Is Your Digital Life may have been compromised.

It is also affecting people whose friends have logged into the app.

But if you didn't and you're still worried your data has been breached, there's an easy way to check.

Click here and this handy tool will tell you straight away if you need to be worried.

Eighty-seven million Facebook users around the world were affected, mainly in the US.

But around one million people in the UK were affected.

And Brits who were affected could be in line to receive a £12,500 payout, according to dispute resolution lawyer Jonathan Compton.

If you are one of them, we want to know.

Send an e-mail to aslater@london.newsquest.co.uk or call 01923 216 360. Your information will be kept anonymous if you wish.