Life is unpredictable and it is impossible to know what may happen next.

And so, if for example, someone suffered a heart attack and you were the only person around, would you back yourself, in that very moment, to potentially become someone's hero?

If you're not that person right now, fire crews at Elstree and Borehamwood fire station are running CPR awareness sessions, and this could be the perfect opportunity to learn some invaluable skills.

At the sessions, people will learn about the recovery position, how to deal with an unconscious person who is not breathing, how to administer CPR, how to deal with choking, how to stop bleeding, and also how to use a defibrillator.

The lessons, which are also being run by Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership, are completely free.

Cllr Pervez Choudhury, who is responsible for community safety, said: "These are invaluable skills for anyone to learn as you never know when you may need to use them.

“Having some basic knowledge on life saving skills can dramatically improve someone’s chances of survival. If you have a heart attack outside of a hospital in the UK you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving, but in other countries where these skills are more widely taught, survival is four times more likely.

“I hope these sessions help people to feel more confident about dealing with a casualty in the event of an incident."

The sessions all take place at Borehamwood Fire Station, Elstree Way, on the following days:

• 11am on Saturday 14 April

• 7pm on Wednesday 25 April

• 2:30pm on Wednesday 9 May

• 7pm on Monday 4 June

• 2:30pm on Monday 18 June