A parish council will not support a planning application to build a new office in the heart of a village.

A developer in Radlett wants to knock down a petrol station in Watling Street and replace it with a four storey office building.

However, at a planning committee meeting on Wednesday night, Aldenham Parish Council members unanimously agreed that the design was “out of keeping” with the area, and once again too "big".

The applicants had to submit a second design after being told by Hertsmere Borough Council that its initial one was not “contemporary” enough.

The parish council rejected the first design, which was withdrawn, because it was too “bulky”, and they have once again come to the same conclusion.

Chairman of Aldenham Parish Council planning committee, Vivienne Charrett said: “We unanimously agreed that this second design was once again unsuitable for Radlett.

“There is no denying the current site is untidy but we cannot support this design. We do prefer the first one but it doesn’t get away from the fact that both are too big for the area.”

A spokesman, on behalf of developers TLC Radlett Ltd, has said that the new design is smaller than the one that was withdrawn.

Richard Henley, from HGH Consulting, said: “The new design is on a smaller scale. This land is going to get redeveloped. The current set-up is a complete eyesore.

"This is a divided proposal but it is a chance to take Radlett to the next stage."

Sixty objections have been made on the planning application on Hertsmere Borough Council’s website, with two supporting.

The application can be found here.

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