A brave police cadet has been honoured after he tried to save his mother's life when she had a cardiac arrest.

Dominic Bennett, from Borehamwood, was 18-years-old when he found his mother, Karen, in distress.

It was the evening of February 7 2017 and Dominic had gone downstairs to make a cup of tea before going back up and finding his mum seriously ill. She had spent four months in hospital before returning home.

He immediately began administering CPR, for 10 minutes, using his police cadet training before an a paramedic arrived and took over.

While Dominic performing CPR, PC Ross Paybody, who was on patrol with a colleague, spotted the paramedics car outside and they ran in to help. PC Paybody took over the CPR while his colleague took Dominic downstairs.

Despite the efforts of her son, the paramedic, and PC Paybody, Karen, who was 46, died.

As a result of his brave efforts, Dominic was nominated for a Royal Humane Society Award by PC Paybody, one of Hertsmere's cadet leaders. The Constabulary’s Chief Constable Charlie Hall presented Dominic with the award at police headquarters recently.

PC Paybody said: “I was extremely proud of the courage Dominic showed in the most tragic of circumstances.

“Dominic executed the skills he learnt whilst at cadets to help his mother. I know that Karen would have been very proud of her son and would be delighted he was recognised in this way. I would like to pass on my condolences to Dominic and his family.”