A debate has arisen as to where people would rather see a primary school built.

Hertfordshire County Council has identified the need to build a new school in Borehamwood.

The most likely location at this stage for a new school is in Cowley Hill.

A planning application has been submitted to build 58 houses on green belt land in Potters Lane, near Cowley Hill. If this application is successful, land will be made available to the county council to build a school behind Hertswood Academy.

If permission for 58 houses is rejected, a school will not be built in the location.

Objectors in Potters Lane believe there is not enough infrastructure in place and the roads will not cope.

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Claire Crossan who lives in Alexander Road has said: "Potters Lane cannot sustain this level of traffic. It will become too dangerous."

If the Potters Lane application is not pushed through, Maxwell Park, like in previous years, has been mooted as a potential site.

In 2014, campaigners saved Maxwell Park community centre from being turned into a school.

Within the social media debate this week, it became clear that the loss of Maxwell Park community centre would prove even more unpopular than before and people would still be committed to “saving” the community centre.

Borehamwood Times:

Seymour Yang teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at the community centre. He described the centre as an “important hub”, used seven days a week and by all ages.

He said: “It is an important hub for the people of our town. I used the centre from July 2016 until Sept 2017 and our classes were so popular that we outgrew the wonderful space they have so we moved next doors to the Winn Everett Guide hall. Save Maxwell Park.”

Emma Posner added: “My daughter and many other kids have been using that community hall for over 15 years for dancing and it keeps them all off the streets.”

Borehamwood Times:

Beryl Williams described the dilemma as a “no win situation”.

She said: “Either we lose a community centre or we lose green belt. Neither site is ideal for primary schools. Both main roads are congested and chaotic and both sites are inappropriate without adequate parking facilities. Hertsmere Academy in Cowley Hill, is already a problem. To have a primary school nearby could be disastrous."

The Maxwell Park community centre building is owned by Hertfordshire County Council but the park land is owned by Wrotham Park Estates. Wrotham Park also own the land in Potters Lane.

A spokeswoman for Wrotham Park Estates has previously said: “The school in Cowley Hill meets Hertfordshire County Council’s identified requirement, as detailed in the Elstree Way Corridor Action Plan, and would mean the county council do not have to take the difficult decision to develop Maxwell Park.”

Hertfordshire County Council say it's committed to the Cowley Hill application at this current time.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire County Council said: “The current planning application proposes a new primary school site off Cowley Hill in Borehamwood. The application will be considered by Hertsmere Borough Council."