Campaigners trying to protect a village from major development have recorded a song to say “enough is enough”.

This is a Protest Song by Campaign For Colney aims to highlight how the group is opposed to St Albans City and District Council’s local plan, as 600 homes could be built in London Colney - a village in the district.

An array of residents from London Colney star in the video, which is written by Brett Ellis and Bryan Smith and has Andrew Barclay on lead vocals.

Brett Ellis, who is a member of the group, says he teamed up with Bryan Smith, who is a member of the St Albans based band The Push, to get their plight some exposure.

He said: “We wanted to do something outside the box.

“The song is tongue in cheek but there is also a serious message with the lyrics and features people who are going to be affected, including my two daughters.”

Campaign for Colney was set up to express villagers’ frustration with neighbouring Hertsmere Borough Council’s plan to build between 4,000 to 8,000 new homes on land close to London Colney, which currently has 9,000 residents.