An entrepreneur, "who indulged in rape fantasies", carried out sex attacks on three women even filming one assault, a court heard.

Edward Gabbai, 30, from Borehamwood, allegedly raped three women between 2014 and 2016.

He attacked one woman after offering her a lift in an Uberpool taxi while she was stranded, and told her "if you cry out or try to get away I'll make it worse for you", jurors were told.

Simon Russell Flint QC, prosecuting, told jurors: "The defendant, it seems, likes to dominate sexually and to inflict hurt and violence on those with whom he chooses to engage in sexual activity."

Kingston Crown Court, in south west London, heard the first victim was working as a teenage escort when she met Gabbai in 2014, and they would have sex but money was not involved.

He told her he was into "rape fantasies" - role playing "whereby he would rape someone by forcing himself upon a female, whilst she struggled and tried to get away", the jury was told.

She said she was also "interested" in this, and the next time they had sex they performed an agreed "rape role play", the court heard.

A few weeks later at Gabbai's flat near Warwick Avenue, West London, they arranged another rape role play, the court heard.

But Gabbai committed a sex act which she did not consent to and did not stop despite her protestations, it was said.

The first victim did not go to police because of her personal situation at the time, jurors heard.

Borehamwood Times:

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Gabbai met the second woman on Tinder in early 2016, and on March 22 they met at an address he was housesitting in Stoke Newington, north London, the court heard.

They had dinner and had consensual sex with a condom, and later that night, they had sex again - but this time he did not wear a condom, the prosecutor said.

Mr Russell Flint said: "At this point he started to become very aggressive. He started strangling (the woman) so hard that she could not breathe.

"He bit her neck and ear, leaving visible marks.He turned her head to her side so that he could slap her face, and he was pulling her hair.

"She was in pain, told him to stop but he carried on - saying 'that's my favourite bit' and began slapping her."

He started hitting her "really hard" while she was screaming, but he continued, the court heard.

She left the house the next morning with "obvious" facial injuries, and later called the police, it was said.

WhatsApp messages showed she was "complaining to him about her injuries and the violence that he had inflicted upon her", the prosecutor said.

She initially did not make a rape allegation but of assault, as she was unaware it would be considered rape because it was without a condom, the court was told.

But two days later she told officers he was aware she would not have sex unprotected.

Gabbai was arrested and interviewed on March 25 2016, and said they both liked rough sex and he hit her 12 times but at no time did she say to stop.

Although there had been a chat about a condom he said there were no rules set out, the court heard.

Gabbai met the third woman in Angel, north London on December 3 2016, where she had been out drinking with friends.

She was left with a friend who was "very drunk", and they tried to get a taxi home but their phone batteries were dead, the court heard.

She approached people to get help and Gabbai said they could get in his Uberpool car to his home in Chelsea, jurors heard.

Although she did not live near, she thought it better than being left on the street, and her friend could sober up before they got a bus home, it was said.

Her friend ran off after the driver refused to let her in as the car was full, and they ended up at a house Gabbai was housesitting in Battersea, south west London.

There was no conversation of anything "remotely sexual" during the journey, and she was not interested in him, it was said.

Once inside, Gabbai told her, "You have to let me do whatever I want to you", the jury heard.

Mr Russell Flint said: "He grabbed hold of her quite forcefully, and it was at that point that she realised that he wanted sex with her and how vulnerable that she was.

"They went upstairs and went into the bedroom. And immediately Edward Gabbai became violent. He pushed her onto the bed, he slapped her on the face, on both cheeks, very hard."

She started crying, but he called her a "slut", and "strangled her, pressing down on her neck with his hands", it was said.

The prosecutor said: "She couldn't breathe. She was gasping for breath, trying to get his hands off her - she really thought he was going to suffocate her.

"She described feeling like she was going to die. She was in a total panic. She tried to push him away but he said 'stop. Don't move. Stop moving.'"

He held her down and said, "you have to do whatever I want. If you cry out or try to get away I'll make it worse for you", the court was told.

Every time she cried out he slapped her, and if she made a noise he would throttle her, it was said.

During the attack he made the woman, in her early 20s, count down her age, jurors heard.

Mr Russell Flint said: "He told her to say she was younger - she kept going down the years until she got to 12 and he said 'you're a little 12 year old girl'."

He filmed some of the attack, the court was told.

Gabbai denies five counts of rape against three women.

The trial continues.