A video which shows the moment a young cyclist deliberately swerve into the path of an oncoming car has been released by police.

The short film features a mother from Borehamwood who shares her story after her son, Paul,15, was lucky to walk away alive after playing the "swerve car game" while riding in Park Street in October last year.

The swerve game involves cyclists purposely riding in front of oncoming vehicles.

Police have released the video to warn young people of the dangers of playing the game and the possible consequences.

Lesley Belcher's son Paul was involved in a collision with a Vauxhall corsa, knocking him off his bike and sending him over the bonnet, after he swerved too late.

He walked away with only minor injuries as did the car passengers, which included a baby and a pregnant lady. Fortunately, the car had been driving at less than 10mph.

Ms Belcher found out about her son's crash on social media.

The crash has prompted Ms Belcher to to talk about her son's incident and is hoping the video will highlight the risks of playing such a dangerous game.

She said: "The impact of such a stupid ‘game’ could have been a loss of life in so many situations. When he walked through the door and looked at me, I just thought ‘you’re so stupid'.

"I didn't know if he was dead, or if he had broken any bones. He could have ended up in the windscreen, he could have ended up under the car."

Borehamwood Times:

Sergeant Leah McDermott from the Borehamwood safer neighbourhood team added: “This so-called ‘game’ just doesn’t make sense. Those who attempt to swerve in front of cars are not only putting themselves in real danger, but also those in the vehicles.

“The consequences could be severe and I would like to thank Lesley for working with us in producing this film and being so honest about her and her son’s experience, which I hope will discourage others of considering doing the same.”

Sgt McDermott added: “I and other officers don’t want to have to knock on a child’s parent’s door to tell them that their child has been seriously injured or worse. This ‘game’ must stop.”

Hertfordshire police's video will be shared across schools in the county.