A pickpocket victim is appealing for others to be more aware after her purse was snatched in a busy town centre.

Kay Bagon, from Radlett, was shopping in Peacocks in Shenley Road, Borehamwood, on February 12 at around midday when her purse was taken from her hand bag.

The purse contained cash, cards, and vouchers.

Ms Bagon, who is in her late 60s, said: "It's a terrible shock. I am really careful but I must have been on my mobile when it was taken. I think pickpocketers are rife in the area. People should be more aware to make sure it doesn't happen to them.

Ms Bagon says she went to her bank the next day and told them what had happened the previous day. The staff told her that at least two people had taken money out from the bank in the days before but came back immediately after being robbed.

Hertfordshire Police say 12 pickpocket thefts has been reported to them since New Years Day in Borehamwood.

In the same period last year, there were 11 reported thefts.

Borehamwood police has been running "purse dipping" operations and in their last one in December, two women were arrested on suspicion of theft from a person, near Borehamwood shopping park.

The women were charged and remanded and all of the victim's belongings were returned.

Borehamwood neighbourhood sergeant Alistair Jones said: "We work closely with the shops in Borehamwood to help deter purse dippers in the town centre. Some of the stores have recently installed CCTV.

"We also circulate photos of people we wish to speak to in connection with these crimes and will consider publicising them more widely.

"Sadly, elderly and vulnerable women and mums with buggies are usually targeted, although a few men have their mobile phones or wallets stolen."

Police advise people to zip up their handbag properly and never leave it unattended in a buggy or trolley.

If you see anyone anyone acting suspiciously call 999 and if you suspect a crime is in progress.

Call 101 if you are retrospectively reporting a crime.