People have been left somewhat bemused after being kept awake at night by a man whistling.

Neighbours in Borehamwood have reported hearing the strange “owl or bird whistle” when darkness falls.

The noise has been heard all over the town including Hillside Avenue, Kenilworth Drive, Studio Way, and Manor Way.

Moley Walsh, who lives near Kenilworth Drive, says it is proving difficult to find the culprit.

She says that she heard the whistle every night two weeks ago and sometimes it can last for up to five hours.

“I remember first hearing the whistle last summer. We know it’s a person because we were able to see his eyes. It was when I was at my mum’s house and she had been complaining that she could hear this noise. We heard the whistle and my partner went out to investigate.

“But he heard him running away, and we’ve not been able to see him since.”

Ms Walsh says daughter Peyton, six, has heard the whistle while a host of other people have messaged her saying they have heard the same noise after she shared her concerns on social media; including Donna Tidiman who said she believed she heard the sound last week.

Ms Walsh does not know if the man is bird calling or if he is doing it for a laugh, but said he was beginning to get "extremely annoying".

Police have been called but have been unable to find the man.

Police do advise to call 101 if you hear the mysterious whistle.

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