Three initiatives which work with young people have received a welcome boost.

Borough councillors from Borehamwood have banded together to donate more than £1,500 from Hertsmere's Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme (WIIS).

Noah's Ark, which provides support for learning disabled children have been given £650 thanks to contributions from Richard Butler, Charles Kelly, Jeremy Newmark, and Farida Turner.

Box Cleva have been awarded £500. The money will go towards providing boxing sessions for eight weeks for youngsters aged 14 to 18 at Brookside Boxing Club.

Michelle Vince, who made the donation said: "Boxing is a fantastic way of reaching out and working with young people, who may otherwise have nothing to do. As well as being a 'cool' thing to do, through boxing youngsters can learn vital lessons in fitness, health and the value of respect and discipline.

"It is not just going to make a difference to the young people involved, but it will make a difference to their families and other people in their communities."

Theatre Club Kids, which offers affordable musical theatre classes to children aged 4 to 18, will also benefit from the council's scheme. Councillors Alan Plancey and Susan Brown awarded the club £300 each, and this will help pay for new portable lights.

The WIIS scheme gives each of the borough’s 39 councillors £500 to spend on local projects throughout the year.