Callous vandals wrecked a high street's Christmas tree by cutting its wires and damaging the branches.

The un-lit tree in Leeming Road, Borehamwood, was also found with a broken star this weekend.

Those who worked hard to make the tree a reality in the area have been left upset.

Brooksmeadow councillor Susan Brown said: “I noticed on Saturday that the branches had been pulled but when an electrician came to check on the lights today, he said that the wires had been cut which is why they weren’t working.”

Cllr Brown believes the tree was tampered with some time last week but doesn't know exactly when. 

Town councillor Pat Strack added that the incident was “very sad” and is urging anyone who may have seen anything to come forward.

“The area is really busy. There are buses, houses, even shops. It’s at a main road junction. Surely someone must have seen something.”

The tree on Leeming Road is the first one ever at the site and was funded by Cllr Brown after she dipped into her locality budget. It is set to be redecorated in time for Christmas.

The tree is one of three extra festive decorations for Borehamwood. Trees also sit on Manor Way and in Elstree village thanks to Cllrs Alan Plancey and Caroline Clapper.