A man celebrated his 106th birthday last month and there was only one way he wanted to mark the special occasion.

Harry Fransman, from Elstree, has flown a small two seater plane in South Africa, danced the conga in South America, ridden a camel in Egypt, and even been on a round the world cruise three times.

But in all his years, he has never played the violin, until now.

Dutch born Mr Fransman told his son he had everything he could possibly need but one thing he had always wanted to do was learn to play the violin.

So on November 25, Mr Fransman was surprised by a visit from violin teacher, Laura Custodio Sabas.

She said: “I really enjoyed teaching Harry. He is a very enthusiastic and charismatic student and I think he will become an excellent violinist with practice.”

Mr Fransman is now having weekly lessons and joked that his son will have to book the Royal Albert Hall soon for his recital.