An adventurer has raised money for charity on a solo climb of the highest peak in Europe.

Benjamin Maugain, climbed Mont Blanc in France to raise money for Borehamwood-based charity Goods for Good in the last week of July.

The head of project management at Cyber-Duck aimed to raise 10p for each meter he climbed of the 4,810m mountain and has exceeded his target by raising more than £500, and his employers were very supportive of his efforts.

The mountaineer set off on Saturday, July 28 and rested at 3,200 metres, before reaching the summit and returning to the base on Sunday, July 29.

Benjamin said: “It was incredible as it was the first climb I have made at that altitude, and I was by myself.

“When you are alone, you have to free climb, as there is no one else to pick up the safety gear or to release it, but it is more personal as you have direct contact with the mountain and do not leave a mark.

“I was not scared, but you do need to be focused on what you are doing at all times, as if you slip you could fall for many kilometres.

“The best thing was on my way up, as the sun was rising seeing the shadow of Mont Blanc reaching over 100km, it was so beautiful.”

Benjamin had to start at night, as it is safest when the snow is compacted and before it has started to melt in the sun.

He took time to acclimatise during the climb, altitude sickness can become dangerous, particularly on a solo climb, but was glad to get down on Sunday as during the climb down it had started to snow, making it a tricky descent.

Although Benjamin is originally from France, the appeal in Mont Blanc was the challenge it posed for him.

He hopes to keep challenging himself with solo mountain climbs, and is looking for a peak at a high altitude that requires technical ability in order to push himself, but concedes he may need to look to another continent for his next adventure.

He chose Goods for Good as it is a small, local charity, and the money he has raised will go towards transporting £10,000 worth of donations to a country in need.

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