Here is the moment a magician makes a table tennis table disappear to raise awareness of the cuts to funding for the sport.

Leon Thomson, aka Leon the Magician, 21, is a coach at the Barnet Table Tennis Centre in Barnet Lane, Barnet, and a professional magician.

So on July 16, Mr Thomson decided to raise awareness of the funding to table tennis by performing an illusion and making the table disappear.

He said: "It took place on Sunday because this was a few days before we were told that Table Tennis England will not receive its funding from Sport England.

"I wanted to draw people back into the game and cheer people up."

Mr Thomson considered the illusion after meeting the Englad swuad at the World Championships in Dusseldorf in May.

According to a statement from Sport England, the suspension in funding was due to Table Tennis England's board voting against making changes which would see them adhere to SE's Code for Sports Governance.

Table Tennis England has since diaried an extraordinary general meeting for August 12th to reconsider the decision.